Accept Kaiser NorCal referrals

Learn how Kaiser NorCal referrals differ from other insurance companies.

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The Kaiser NorCal referral process works differently than other insurance companies on the Grow Therapy platform. Clients must be preauthorized and won't be covered by their Kaiser NorCal insurance if they circumvent this authorization, such as by booking an appointment directly through your client scheduling link.

Grow Therapy and Kaiser NorCals relationship

Grow Therapy's contract with Kaiser NorCal requires authorization for each Kaiser client scheduled with you. After Kaiser NorCal authorizes a referral, they send it to the Grow Therapy team, which gets the client(s) assigned directly to you as part of the Grow Therapy provider network.

How to accept Kaiser NorCal clients

Client requests and authorization

If a client would like to go through their Kaiser NorCal insurance to see you as their provider, you can send them these instructions:

  1. Call the member services number on your Kaiser NorCal insurance card to speak with a representative about authorizing a referral.

  2. Request an authorized referral to see a Grow Therapy provider. Include my contact information, including my name and location.

  3. Once Kaiser confirms the referral, they will send it to Grow Therapy directly. You will get an email from Grow Therapy to book an appointment. Use the link in the email to search for my name and book an appointment with me.

If a client intends to use their insurance as part of their payment and still needs to be authorized through Kaiser NorCal, please proceed to cancel their upcoming appointment and have them follow the steps above.

Note: Once a client receives authorization from Kaiser NorCal, they will receive a letter or email from Kaiser explaining how long the authorization is valid - typically one year. If the referral expires, the client must reach out for another.

Client switches to cash pay

If your client does not wish to request a Kaiser NorCal authorization and would still like to see you, they can switch to cash payments for their appointments. To change a client to cash payment, either:

  1. Use the chat feature at the bottom-right of your provider portal to request the payment method change on your client's behalf.

  2. Ask the client to email to request the change on their own.

Troubleshoot client booking issues

If your Kaiser NorCal clients have any issues with booking, please direct them to the Client Support Team at for assistance.

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