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Tips for an Introduction Video for your marketing.

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What is an Intro video and what is it used for?

An intro video is an introduction to the therapist. Similar to a photo and description, an intro video is a great way to start building connections with prospective clients. A short, concise, and personable video can help boost engagement. Intro videos can be used on any marketing platforms such as your website, Psychology Today profile, social media, and directories.


  1. Confident
    The best intro videos are one in which the therapist exudes confidence. Looking uncomfortable or unsure about what they’re saying could actually break trust, not build it, so being confident is a vital trait of a good intro video.

  2. Professional
    A video that is poorly made will reflect poorly on the therapist. As professionals themselves, therapists need videos that are just as professional.

  3. Concise (2 minute max)
    People have a very short attention span. Very short. You don’t have to share your entire background. Just enough about your orientation, style, and particular niches! The best therapist intro videos out there are about 2 minutes or less.

  4. Close
    The video viewer needs to be able to see the whites of the therapist’s eyes in order to build trust. Videos that are shot too far away can make the therapist seem closed off.

  5. Speaks to their ideal client (identifying niche)
    Using language that their ideal client would identify with, the best intro videos speak empathetically to the pain points of their target niche clients.

  6. Include a Call to Action (direct to booking link!)
    A great intro video will have a direct invitation to the viewer to engage further. Guide them to the next steps of scheduling an appointment with you via your booking link!

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