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Learn about the Psychology Today marketing included in your partnership.

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Psychology Today is a media organization focusing on psychology and human behavior that has grown into a robust marketing resource. The organization and its website enable clients from all over your licensed state(s) to access and schedule with your practice. Providers have noted that having a profile with Psychology Today has helped them boost their referrals and meet their goals. Fortunately, a Psychology Today profile is included as part of your provider perks. It is one of the various high-profile directories you are listed on as a Grow Therapy provider.

Key Points

  • Grow does not create profiles on Psychology Today without a provider's permission.

  • When a provider agrees to create and use a Grow-managed Psychology Today profile, Grow covers the cost and offers reception services to help providers field inquiries and bookings sourced from the service.

  • Providers can contact the support team at any time to opt out of the Grow program and take back their Psychology Today costs and reception responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Grow Therapy's partnership with Psychology Today. If your question is not addressed, please contact the Support Team using the help widget in your provider portal.

Profile Creation

  • What if I already have a Psychology Today page? - If you already have a Psychology Today page, Grow Therapy is happy to cover the monthly subscription cost and manage any client calls/emails by utilizing your personalized new client booking team's contact information. You can start this process by filling out this form.

  • What if I don't have an account? - If you'd like the Grow Therapy team to create a new profile for you, please fill out this form to start the process. Grow does not create profiles without a provider's permission.

  • What if I already have an account but don't want Grow Therapy to manage it? - A dedicated Grow-managed page is recommended but is not required. Use this form if you change your mind and want a Grow-managed page created for you. Please note that independently managed pages will not benefit from the same booking assistance and responses (e.g., calls and emails) that Grow-managed pages do.

  • How long does creating my Psychology Today profile take? - This process takes around 1-2 weeks to complete. Since the Grow Therapy team manually creates each of these profiles and implements marketing strategies to boost referrals, it takes them some time to finalize profiles. Rest assured; the team will contact you as soon as your profile has been created so you can take a look.

Profile Information

  • Why can't I use my contact information? - Providers using the Grow Therapy reception services typically experience a higher client conversion rate. Since it's mutually beneficial for Grow to convert leads to booked clients, the team is happy to pay for the profile. If you want to manage phone calls and emails independently, we, unfortunately, cannot cover the cost of your account since Grow Therapy would not be managing and converting new leads.

  • What if I want something changed on my page? - Feel free to make any personal tweaks or updates to your profile using the same username/password previously shared with the Grow Team (if you forgot it - see below). If you'd like the Grow Team to make these updates for you, you can make these requests by filling out this form. Please note that these updates are reviewed weekly and should be reflected on your profile within 1-2 weeks.

Profile Engagement

  • Who is reaching out to clients who call or email my profile? - Grow Therapy's dedicated new client booking team follows up with prospective clients and ensures they have the correct information and access to schedule with you.

  • Why do client emails/phone numbers appear to be unanswered? - Communication is managed through another platform, not Psychology Today. Therefore, client outreach may appear unanswered. Rest assured that the Grow Therapy new client booking team actively responds to client outreach within 10 minutes during regular business hours and will follow up as soon as possible if a client replies outside regular business hours.

  • Why do I have fewer bookings than calls/emails? - Your profile will likely generate more leads via phone and email than appointments. Not all leads convert into booked clients for various reasons, including those outlined below:

    • Unqualified - Many inbound clients are marked as unqualified because they are not a good fit for your specific services, don't have the correct insurance, etc.

    • Unresponsive - Clients don't always book a session after the new client booking team sends them the booking link. The team reaches out to clients several times to check in and provide support through the booking process. However, even with consistent check-ins, some prospects never respond.

    • Unavailable - There are three reasons a provider may not be available. (1) They have turned off new referrals, (2) They have no availability on their calendar, or (3) There is an issue with the account, such as frequent no-shows, that the team is actively working with the provider to resolve. That said, the team always attempts to match a client with the requested provider. The team only looks at other providers if the requested one is unavailable.

Profile Troubleshooting

  • What if I lost my login information? - If you forget your username and password, contact the Support Team using the chat feature in your provider portal.

  • What if I want to delete my Psychology Today profile? - To opt out of the Psychology Today program and delete your profile, contact the Grow Therapy Support Team using the chat feature in your provider portal.

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