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Answers to common questions about Grow Therapy's partnership with Zocdoc.

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Zocdoc is an excellent resource for boosting referrals and growing a practice. Grow Therapy's partnership with Zocdoc allows us to create and manage a brand-new account for each provider on the Grow Therapy platform. With that being said, there are a lot of questions about how Zocdoc profiles are created and managed. Below are answers to frequent questions about the Grow Therapy and Zocdoc partnership.

Video: Check out this episode from our Client Experience Series to dive deeper into the features and benefits of the partnership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Zocdoc profiles:

  • Can you use the Zocdoc profile I already have? - No. You'll need a new profile using the information tied to your Grow Therapy private practice.

  • Is a Grow-managed Zocdoc profile required? - No. However, we highly recommend utilizing this resource as many new referrals come through Zocdoc. However, if you'd rather not have a Grow-created ZocDoc page, we ask that you complete this form so we can take the appropriate steps to deactivate your account and pause these marketing efforts.

  • Can I access the profile or have the username and password? - As part of our partnership with Zocdoc, we manage your profile, so you don't have to!

Creating a Grow-managed Zocdoc profile:

  • Where does Grow Therapy get my information? - Each site/directory we list you on utilizes the information listed in your Grow profile. Your specialties, availability, and bio are referenced as our team creates your Zocdoc profile. If you update your Grow profile, such as new insurances or a new picture, we'll be sure to update this on your Zocdoc profile within 1-2 weeks.

  • How long will it take? - After creating your Grow profile, the Zocdoc team will begin creating and optimizing your new profile. This process should take around 3-4 weeks, and you'll be notified once it's in processing.

Managing your Zocdoc profile information:

  • Why is there a different location listed on my profile? - By including a location on your Zocdoc profile, we can bring more clients to your page. In your state, there are cities with a strong need for providers, such as yourself. Although this may not be your specific city or near your private practice's physical location, listing an area of high need is an excellent strategy for increasing client traffic to your page, as our partnership is based on virtual appointments.

  • What does it mean when you "optimize" my account? - When optimizing your account, we add information, such as your specialties and location, that increases your chances of appearing in a search result. This process is often called SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing) and describes intentional efforts to boost traffic to your profile.

  • Can I change my profile information? - Yes. Changes you make to your Grow profile are actively shared with the Zocdoc team and should be reflected in 1-2 weeks on your Zocdoc profile (i.e., profile picture, accepted insurances). Any changes you'd like to see on your Zocdoc profile that aren't possible on your Grow profile can be submitted using this form. These updates should be reflected in your profile in a week or so.

Understanding Zocdoc appointment bookings:

  • Why are Zocdoc appointments booked as pending? - Initially, Zocdoc appointments are booked as "holds" while we wait for these clients to provide their insurance and payment information. Once it's been provided, this appointment will no longer be listed as "pending" since we have all the necessary information for you to see this client. The appointment will be removed from your calendar if the patient does not provide this information within 48 hours or 24.5 hours before the intake session.

Additional Questions

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Provider Support Team by using the chat feature on your dashboard.

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