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Grow Therapy & Charlie Health | FAQ
Grow Therapy & Charlie Health | FAQ

Answers to common questions about Grow's partnership with Charlie Health.

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Charlie Health is a virtual-first intensive outpatient program (IOP) that allows teens and young adults in crisis to receive care from home. Grow Therapy's partnership with Charlie Health enables providers on the Grow Therapy platform to refer qualifying clients to a higher level of care while avoiding many common pitfalls associated with this process, such as limited and difficult-to-navigate resources.

Below are answers to frequent questions about the Grow Therapy and Charlie Health partnership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Charlie Health

  • What is Charlie Health? Charlie Health is a national telehealth intensive outpatient program (IOP) for clients aged 11-34. It is in-network with most insurance plans and many state Medicaid plans. Services are available in most US states, and the program has expertise with high-acuity clients (e.g., prior suicide attempts, NSSI, prior inpatient or residential stay).

About IOPs

  • What is IOP? - Intensive outpatient programming (IOP) is a behavioral healthcare level that is typically more structured and intensive than traditional weekly therapy. It is designed for individuals who need more treatment and support than can be provided through conventional outpatient services but who do not require the level of care offered through residential or inpatient treatment.

  • What occurs in IOP? - IOP typically involves supported groups, individual therapy sessions, and family therapy programming conducted several times per week.

  • What is the goal of IOP? - IOP aims to provide individuals with the support and treatment they need to manage their mental health issues and achieve lasting recovery while still allowing them to maintain their daily routines and responsibilities.

  • What is virtual IOP? - Virtual intensive outpatient programming is an IOP conducted remotely and securely. It allows individuals to participate in structured groups, individual therapy, and family therapy from their homes. Virtual IOP can be an effective alternative to in-person IOP for individuals with difficulty accessing traditional treatment due to geographic or transportation barriers or who prefer the convenience and flexibility of receiving treatment remotely.

Charlie Health referrals

  • Are there referral requirements? - Yes. The client must be aged 11-33 to enroll in the Charlie Health IOP.

  • How do I refer a client to Charlie Health? - In your provider portal's "Additional Resources" area, you can find more information on referring clients to Charlie Health, including processes tied to specific insurers, such as Kaiser NorCal and Humana. To access this area, navigate to your provider portal > select your account name at the bottom left > and select the Additional Resources option that appears.

Access additional resources from your provider portal
  • Will I continue to see the client while they are participating in IOP? - No. Clients will receive all services through Charlie Health. Most payors do not cover outpatient and IOP levels of care simultaneously. In addition, split treatment can impede a client’s progress.

  • How long is the program? - The average length of stay varies depending on the client’s need for care and insurance. Some clients attend IOP for 2-3 weeks, while others participate for 9-12 weeks.

  • What happens after the client is discharged from the program? - Charlie Health will send the referring therapist a discharge summary. The client can be expected to return to you for care after discharge.

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