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Grow Telehealth | Overview
Grow Telehealth | Overview

Learn about Grow Therapy's telehealth features and benefits.

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The basics

  • What is Grow Therapy telehealth? - Grow Therapy Telehealth allows providers to meet with clients remotely for a session securely and easily using their computer's microphone and camera. It seamlessly integrates with your Grow Therapy provider portal, including your appointments, client records, and client communications, enabling your practices to save time and improve the client experience.

  • Is Grow Therapy Telehealth required? - At Grow, we want to provide a secure, HIPAA-compliant, stress-free end-to-end care experience for both clients and providers. To ensure this, we ask that all Grow telehealth appointments should be conducted on the Grow platform.

  • What are the benefits of Grow Therapy Telehealth? - Grow Therapy Telehealth provides various immediate benefits, including:

    • πŸ”’ Secure and HIPAA-compliant: The feature ensures high-quality, secure sessions. This is important for the protection of all clients and providers.

    • 😌 Easier for Clients: Clients have a unique video link automatically included in each calendar invite and appointment reminder and accessible from their Client Portal. In one click, they can join your secure waiting room without the hassle of logging in, and you can admit and remove them as desired.

    • πŸ”„ Integrated with Grow Therapy: The feature streamlines your practice operations by enabling you to seamlessly start and join your sessions from the Grow platform without switching between multiple systems.

    • βœ… Worry-Free Appointment Attendance: Attendance is tracked and verified for clients and providers, providing support and peace of mind in billing scenarios related to client or provider no-shows.

    • πŸ’¬ Chat Communication: Clients and providers can easily message each other before and during a session. Providers can message clients in their waiting room or clients in the session. These messages won't be saved.

    • πŸ–₯️ Screen Sharing: Clients and providers can screen share during a session to more effectively share and review resources that might be helpful.

  • How much does Grow Therapy Telehealth cost? - It is available to all providers and their clients at no additional cost.

Security & compliance

  • Is Grow Therapy Telehealth HIPAA compliant? - Yes, Grow Therapy Telehealth meets or exceeds all the requirements of HIPAA as a business associate.

  • How does informed consent work for Grow Therapy Telehealth? - All clients provide informed consent for telehealth services when booking their first appointment, specifically when they confirm they've reviewed and accepted the practice policies associated with accessing care via Grow Therapy.

  • Are telehealth sessions recorded and stored? - No. Grow Therapy Telehealth sessions aren't recorded or stored.

The client experience

  • How do I explain Grow Telehealth to a client? - Grow Telehealth is a new way for clients and providers to conduct virtual appointments securely. Clients can access this platform through the links sent to them in the appointment confirmation email/reminders, the calendar invite, or through their Client Portal. When they click a link, they'll be asked to enter their name, and then they'll be entered into the secured waiting room, where you'll admit them when you're ready.

  • What is the experience like for my clients? - Your clients can access the link to their secure session via their automatic appointment confirmation email and reminders, the calendar invite, or through their Client Portal. You can also copy a client's session link from their appointment details if you need to send the link manually. When clients select their invite link, they are asked to enter their name before being admitted to your secure waiting room. You will be notified that a client has joined your waiting room, and you can admit them when you are ready.

Session landing page
  • Will my clients have to install or download anything to join a session? - No. Your clients can join the session directly via a browser on their device by clicking their appointment link.

  • Can additional people join individual sessions? - Yes. If a client would like a partner or family member to attend one of their sessions, they can forward the confirmation or reminder email to them or add them to the calendar invite. The additional guest(s) can click the link and enter their information to join the session like the client normally would.

  • How do I send the link to my clients? - Your clients can access the link to their secure session via their automatic appointment confirmation email and reminders, the calendar invite, or through their Client Portal. If you want to send them a link directly, navigate to the appointment details page. From here, you will see the session link beginning with[unique-link], and you can click the 'copy' icon to send this directly to the individual client.

Prepare for an appointment

  • Which browsers are supported? - The recommended browser for Grow Therapy Telehealth is Google Chrome. However, the service should also work on the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

  • How do I set up my meeting room? - Setup is minimal and very straightforward. Your meeting room and each client's URL are automatically created for you. The only one-time setup you need to do is allow your browser access to your video and microphone, which you will be prompted to do the first time you access your meeting room. To access your meeting room anytime, select the Join Your Meeting Room option in the Your Practice section of your Dashboard. Once in your meeting room, select the Allow option in the browser prompt.

Changing your background in telehealth
  • How do I join a session? Do I need to log in? - Because your meeting room is integrated into Grow Therapy, the only logging-in you'll need to do is into your Grow Therapy portal here, exactly like you do today. This ensures you are the only person with provider-level access to your meeting room, allowing you to manage your waiting room and conduct your secure sessions.
    From your Provider Portal dashboard, click on your meeting room link or select the client link within the appointment details. It's important to remember that each client is associated with a unique link.

  • Can I change my background? - Yes. To change your background, select the settings gear βš™οΈ in the top-right of the waiting or meeting room > select the Background tab > select the desired background setting > close the menu.

changing your background in telehealth settings
  • Can I upload a custom virtual background? - Currently, providers and clients will have a set list of backgrounds they can choose from. At this time, we don't have plans to enable the upload of images for virtual backgrounds.

Notable telehealth features


Grow Telehealth supports chat messaging between you and your clients while they are in your waiting room before and during your session. Learn more.

Client Information

Grow Telehealth enables you to quickly access key information for your client during a telehealth session, including their pronouns, last session notes, and questionnaires they have filled out. Learn more.

Screen & Audio Sharing

Grow Telehealth supports screen and audio sharing by both you and your clients during sessions. Learn more.


Grow Telehealth's picture-in-picture (PiP) mode allows you to seamlessly switch to different tabs without losing sight of your client's video. Learn more.

Hold an appointment

  • How do I know a client is in my waiting room? - You should receive an email if a client is in your waiting room for a minute and hasn't been let in. You should also receive a text if a client is in your waiting room and hasn't been let in five minutes.

  • What happens when a client joins the session? - When a client joins a session, you will be notified via a message in the bottom left of your meeting room screen. Select the View option on this message to open the client queue to admit or remove clients from your waiting room. If the message disappears, select the Clients () Waiting button at the bottom-left instead.

Client Joining a Telehealth Session
  • What do I do at the end of the session? - At the end of the session, click Complete Session in the bottom right corner. This will track that the session is complete, remove the client from the current session, and return you to your main meeting room for your next appointment.

Appointment followup

  • What should I do after a session? - After a session ends, you should submit your notes and invoice. You can locate the completed session in the Unsubmitted tab of your Appointments dashboard. Selecting the appointment will open up an overview of the appointment details, including the client details, when the appointment was scheduled, and the actual length of the appointment.

    Overview of appointment details

    Meanwhile, selecting the Submit Invoice button will prompt you to fill out your notes, confirm the appointment details, and submit the invoice for billing.

Troubleshoot telehealth issues

This guide, Troubleshoot Telehealth Issues, explains how to resolve common issues or errors when using Grow Telehealth, including audio quality, video quality, connection quality, notification, and more.

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