Troubleshoot telehealth issues

Learn how to resolve common issues or errors when using Grow telehealth.

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Grow Telehealth allows providers to meet with clients remotely while seamlessly integrating with your Grow Therapy provider portal. More information on Grow Telehealth is available in this overview article.

To troubleshoot and resolve common issues, errors, or concerns when using Grow Telehealth to hold appointments with your clients, please consider the following:

Audio & Video

What should I do if there are issues with my audio or video? - From your meeting room, in the top right corner, you will see a settings gear βš™οΈ. Click on the gear to open your audio, video, and background settings and make any adjustments. For example, you may need to select an alternate camera or microphone.
If you are still experiencing issues, such as no camera or microphone options in the settings drop-down menus, you may not have given access during your first visit to your meeting room. You must allow permissions by going to your browser's Site Settings or accessing the πŸ”’ icon next to your browser's address bar. If you are still having trouble, contact support via the Help widget in your portal.

Permissions Check & Reset

Why am I seeing reactions on my computer screen? - When you or a client makes certain hand motions (e.g., a thumbs up), it may show an on-screen emoji or background. This is typically an Apple-specific camera setting and is not within the control of the telehealth provider or any other video service you use. If you or your client experiences this, here are some quick instructions for turning these off:

  • To turn this feature on or off, select Reactions in the video menu, which appears in the menu bar when a video call is in progress. When turned off, the icon will change from a highlighted blue color to grey.

Call Quality

​The call quality for a participant is poor. What do I do? - To improve the quality and performance of a telehealth connection, please consider the following:

  • Turn off your virtual background. Backgrounds require your device to use more processing power, which may be limited for various reasons, such as background tasks/apps and other open browser tabs.

  • Turn off your video, especially if you are in an unfamiliar location where the connection speeds may be slower than expected. This will reduce the call's bandwidth so that other aspects of the call, such as the audio quality, improve.

  • Get closer to the Wi-Fi router or connect directly to the router via ethernet. Both of these options will improve the speed and quality of your connection.

  • Ensure you have a good battery level or are plugged in. Many devices will reduce performance when unplugged, especially on low batteries.

Waiting Room

I didn't receive an email about a client in the waiting room; what happened? - You should receive an email if a client has been in your waiting room for over a minute. If you haven't, please check your spam.

What if I respond to the text telling me a client is waiting for me? - The text will go to an unmonitored inbox, and the team will not respond to you. If you have feedback for Grow, you can reach out via the provider portal chat box.

My patient says they were waiting for me, but I didn't see them in the queue; what happened? - The connection between your browser tab and the telehealth platform likely timed out. To correct this, refresh your browser tab and wait a few seconds. If the client still does not appear, ensure they are using the link from their client portal/appointment confirmation and confirm the patient checked in correctly by entering their information and clicking enter the waiting room.

Client Resources & Support

Is there any training for my clients? - Getting to a telehealth session will be identical to the process clients experienced previously by clicking the link to the appointment in their calendar, email, or client portal. They will see simple instructions when they join their first Grow Therapy Telehealth session to help them set up their camera and microphone. This experience is straightforward and similar to other video tools, so it should feel familiar.

If a client requests additional assistance, this resource on the Client Help Center outlines using telehealth from the client's perspective.

What should I instruct my clients to do if they are having difficulties? - Your clients can follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in this resource to access their telehealth settings or enable camera/microphone access. If they are still having trouble, clients can contact support via their client portal.

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