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Screenshare during an appointment
Screenshare during an appointment

Learn how to share your screen during an appointment using Grow Telehealth.

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Grow Telehealth allows providers to meet with clients remotely while seamlessly integrating with your Grow Therapy provider portal. More information on Grow Telehealth is available in this overview article.

To screen share using Grow Telehealth, please review the following.

TIP: Grow recommends Google Chrome for all providers as it supports the most functionality and enables the most feature-rich experience.

Share your screen

Can I share a window on telehealth? - Yes, you can! Sharing a screen is available on desktop. The Chrome browser is recommended for the best experience. Mobile users can view a shared screen but cannot share their own screen. To share your screen, select the Share Screenbutton from the telehealth toolbar.

Share Screen

A prompt will allow you to select a specific tab, window, or your entire screen. Please note that audio sharing is only available when sharing a single tab in Chrome.

Screen Share Options

Share your audio

Can I share audio when screen sharing on telehealth? - Yes, you can if you are sharing a specific tab in Chrome. Firefox and Safari do not support individual tab sharing, so there is no support for audio sharing. To share your audio, ensure the "Allow share tab audio" option is enabled in the sharing prompt.

Share tab audio

Can I mute myself while I'm sharing a tab with audio on telehealth? - Yes, if you turn on screen sharing for a tab with audio, your audio will continue to play even if you have muted yourself.

What if I have another tab playing audio or another application (i.e., Spotify)? Will that audio be shared? - No, only the audio from the tab you're sharing will be shared with the other participants.

Move between tabs with picture-in-picture

What happens if I leave the telehealth tab? - You will be prompted to enable picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, which allows you to seamlessly switch to different tabs without losing sight of your client's video. Once accepted, your client's video will overlay on the current tab, as in the example below.

Picture-In-Picture Example

Which browsers support picture-in-picture? - Chrome is the recommended browser for all Grow Therapy providers and offers the best experience. However, some elements of PIP are available to users of other popular browsers.


Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge


PiP Support

PiP on a shared tab

PiP moving between tabs

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