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Manage your client referrals

Learn how to accept and pause new client referrals as you grow your practice.

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Grow Therapy proactively seeks partnerships that help deliver better referrals. The team is committed to helping you grow and sustain your practice by working with insurance companies, healthcare system partners, and other third parties to generate diverse clientele. This resource outlines how to amplify those efforts and appropriately manage your Grow-sourced referrals.

🚨Attention: Grow Therapy referrals must be managed and billed through the Grow platform. Expand to learn more.

  • Referrals provided by Grow Therapy must be managed and billed through the Grow platform as outlined in your Provider Agreement. Providers who deviate from this requirement will receive warnings, and multiple violations will terminate your partnership with Grow. Additional information is available in your Provider Agreement and this post from the Provider Community.

Attract prospective clients

There are many ways to grow your practice with Grow Therapy. Here are some best practices for attracting client referrals.

1) Ensure your profile and specialties are current and active. Grow Therapy's directory (marketplace) allows clients seeking care to filter their search by many preferences to find a great fit. These preferences include:

  • Service type(s)

  • Location, so they are only seeing providers licensed in their state

  • Preferred insurance or payment method

  • Other preferences like provider identity, specialties, language, and therapeutic style(s)

To update your profile and specialty information, navigate to your profile settings. By keeping this information up-to-date and active, you can ensure that:

  • You showcase the most accurate information about you and your practice to prospective clients.

  • Clients who fit your practice can find you through the directory based on their preferences.

If you don't see your profile on Grow Therapy's directory, ensure you accept referrals by following the "Accept or Pause" steps below.

2) Add availability to your calendar. Providers can set availability on their Grow Therapy profile for potential clients to self-schedule. By adding open time to your profile, prospective clients can see when you're available for an appointment. Clients can instantly book an appointment on a date and time that works best for them, which helps prevent tedious back and forth and lowers the barrier to entry for people seeking care.

3) Share your profile and booking link with others. Your Grow Therapy profile can be shared anywhere, allowing prospective clients to learn more about your therapeutic style and request an appointment if they think you might be a good fit.

  • To access your booking link, navigate to the Dashboard via the sidebar menu, locate the "Your Practice" card, and click the Copy Link button with the "New Clients" option selected in the dropdown menu. More information on using your custom scheduling link to add clients is available here.

your practice card and new client scheduling link
  • To quickly access and share your profile, copy the booking link described above into a new browser window and select the View Profile option from your appointment booking page.

View profile link example

Accept or Pause new referrals

There are two places in your provider portal to turn your referrals on or off.

1) The Dashboard. The referrals toggle in the upper-right of the Your Practice card allows you to turn all your referrals on or off quickly and easily.

your practice card provider dashboard

2) Profile Settings. The referral preferences section of your provider portal's profile settings allows you to manage your referrals more granularly, such as by insurance company.

🌟 TIP: To manually navigate to your referral preferences in your provider portal, select your Name at the bottom left > Edit Profile > Referral Preferences.

Why is it important to manage Grow-sourced clients in the portal?

We expect our providers to use their portal to manage their caseload, especially any clients sourced through Grow Therapy, such as the provider directory, member referrals, or other Grow-sponsored marketing activities. Managing appointments, submitting claims, and billing through the portal will give your clients a centralized, streamlined, and more supportive care experience. Conversely, when you move client information to another platform outside Grow Therapy, a client's experience is fragmented. The Grow team can no longer determine whether or not they are getting the support and care they were looking for initially β€” creating confusion and frustration for clients in need.

Here are some of the benefits of managing your clients in your provider portal:

  • Simplify the intake process. Keep your client information β€” like insurance details, progress notes, and assessments β€” in one convenient place.

  • Build trust. Clients who found you through the Grow Therapy directory are already familiar with the Grow brand, which helps mitigate concerns about privacy and security. Introducing new platforms or tools may create confusion or undue stress.

  • Avoid surprises. When you schedule appointments with the Grow Therapy calendar, a client's insurance benefits and essential information are automatically collected.

  • Increase referral opportunities. Various partners, including payers, practitioners, and health systems, often refer their clients to Grow Therapy for mental health care. When you use the Grow Therapy portal to confirm appointments and manage care, we can relay that information to the care provider and foster a better relationship to generate more referrals for you and other Grow Therapy providers.

Refer clients out

If a client is not a fit for your practice, do not refer the client outside of the Grow Therapy network. We want to protect the client's experience, as they specifically came to Grow for care. Instead, please follow these steps in your provider portal to submit a referral request.

What can clients expect?

Your client will receive an email containing up to 3 matching providers. This email will indicate why they are being referred and allow them to quickly book a session with any of the potential new providers. If you encounter any issues referring a client to another Grow Therapy provider, please contact support.

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