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Add clients to your account
Add clients to your account

How to add new clients or add existing clients to Grow.

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There are two ways to add a new client to your account. The first and easiest option is to send the client your new client scheduling link. The second is to have the client contact the Grow Therapy reception team for scheduling assistance.

Add clients via your scheduling link

To add a client using your new client scheduling link:

  • Select the Dashboard option from the sidebar.

  • Locate the Scheduling shortcut section and ensure the New clients option is selected.

  • Click the Copy Link button next to your unique booking URL.

  • Share this link with any client you want to see in your Grow Therapy account, including clients from a previous platform or your existing practice.

Steps to locate the scheduling link from the dashboard

Once a client accesses the link, they will choose their desired appointment time, add their contact details, elect to pay with cash or insurance, and provide a backup payment method.

Note: If you have disabled your referrals or have no upcoming availability, the intake page will show a fully booked message instead. Please ensure you are accepting new referrals and have availability before sharing this link with clients.

An example client intake form

After a client submits the form, their information and appointment details will be added to your:

  1. Dashboard in the Upcoming Appointments section

  2. Clients dashboard as a patient record

  3. Synced calendar as a booked meeting

Add clients via the reception team

To add a client via the Grow Therapy reception team:

  • Select the Dashboard option from the sidebar.

  • Locate the Scheduling shortcut section.

  • Copy and share the contact information for your assigned team.

Note: The phone line leads to a chat system where clients can "press 1" to live chat with a representative.

Intake team information

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