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Delete a past appointment

Learn how to remove a past appointment to avoid charging a no-show fee.

Updated over a week ago

If there was a scheduling mistake, or if you'd like to forgive a late cancellation or no-show fee associated with an appointment, you must cancel the past appointment to remove it from your dashboard. To remove a past appointment:

  • Navigate to Appointments via the sidebar menu.

  • Locate the previous appointment and select it. The List View is often the fastest, accessible via the toggle in the upper right. This view allows you to search for the desired appointment using filters. Consider using the Past tab and an Unsubmitted status when looking for previous sessions.

Preview of the appointments tab
  • In the appointment details, select Actions > Cancel Appointment using the dropdown menu in the upper right. This will bring you to a new window where you can select a cancellation reason and confirm the cancellation. This will remove the appointment from your calendar and not charge the client any fees.

Canceling a past appointment
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