Schedule follow-up appointments

Learn how to book follow-up appointments from your provider portal.

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After clients schedule their first appointment with you, their details are saved to your provider profile as a client record, and you are associated with their client portal as a provider of care. This information and association lets you or the client schedule future appointments quickly and easily.

Schedule follow-ups as the provider

As the provider, you can schedule follow-up appointments in two ways: from the Clients dashboard and your Calendar view in the Appointments dashboard.

Scheduling from the Clients dashboard

  • Select Clients from the sidebar navigation.

  • Select Schedule a follow-up in the upper right. Alternatively, a Schedule button will appear next to a client's name when their next appointment has yet to be scheduled.

Schedule a follow-up from the Clients dashboard
  • Select the date, time, location, and frequency of the follow-up appointment(s) in the prompt that appears. If you want to create a stand-alone appointment, make sure to select Does not repeat from the πŸ” drop-down menu.

Schedule a follow-up appointment pop up screen
  • Select Submit, and an "Appointment created" message will populate. Your follow-up appointment is now created! You and the client will receive email notifications with the newly scheduled appointment(s) times.

appointment created message preview

Scheduling from the Calendar View

  • Select Appointments on the sidebar navigation. Switch to the Calendar View using the toggle on the top-right of the screen.

  • Select + Add in the upper right and select New appointment.

Create an appointment using the calendar view
  • Make your desired selections for the date, time, location, and frequency of the follow-up appointment(s). Select Does not repeat from the πŸ” drop-down menu if you don't want to create recurring appointments. Alternatively, select an appointment time directly on the calendar and then adjust the appointment details on the prompt.

Creating an appointment directly on calendar
  • Select Submit, and the appointment will populate on your calendar. You and the client will receive an email notification with the newly scheduled appointment(s) times.

Schedule follow-ups as the client

Clients can schedule follow-up appointments with you from their Client Portal and their unique follow-up link, which is available in the provider dashboard. Below are instructions on how to locate your clients' unique follow-up links. You can send the links via messenger or your preferred method of contact.

  • Select Dashboard from the sidebar navigation.

  • Locate the "Your practice" section in the lower right.

Locating the clients' follow-up links in the provider dashboard
  • Select or search for your client's name and select the Copy link button. The link is now available on your clipboard to copy into a message for your client. Each link is unique to the client and will remain constant throughout your care with them. Therefore, you won't need to send the link each time.

  • When this link is accessed, the client will see a preview of available times on your calendar. Their information is pre-filled, and you should see the appointment populate in your Appointments dashboard once they book an appointment. You and the client will also receive an email confirmation with the appointment details.

Client follow-up appointment link preview

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