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Filling out Grow's credentialing form
Filling out Grow's credentialing form

Learn how to complete Grow Therapy's credentialing form.

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Grow aims to make the credentialing process as seamless as possible by implementing a comprehensive credentialing program that includes credentialing, re-credentialing, and ongoing monitoring to confirm participating practitioners meet the established criteria to provide quality patient care. The Grow credentialing team handles all communication with our payor partners so you can focus on other critical aspects of running your private practice.

Once you complete Grow's credentialing form, your credentialing process officially begins. From here, the team will verify your information and send updates via email on your credentialing process.

Before you begin

Make sure you have these required materials before getting started:

  • License Information

  • NPI Number

  • Malpractice Insurance Certificate

  • CAQH login

  • Resume

  • DEA Registration (if applicable)

  • Collaborative Agreement (if applicable)

  • Diploma (if requested)

Please see our Credentialing Process Guide if you need help obtaining your Malpractice Insurance, NPI Number, or CAQH Account.

Note: The above information must be up-to-date and accurate when submitting the form to avoid delays.

Some of the most common reasons for processing delays are:

  • Your CAQH login is mistyped.

  • Your Legal Name does not match the name on your License, NPI, or other materials.

  • You are not listed as "individually insured" on the Malpractice Insurance.

  • Your Malpractice Insurance is about to expire in less than 60 days.

  • Your Malpractice Insurance does not meet our limits.

  • (Prescribers Only) Your DEA registration is missing or expired.

Medicare Disclaimer

According to our policies and procedures, providers cannot be listed on the Medicare Opt-Out list. This does not mean you will have to see Medicare members, but you cannot be on the list to meet our credentialing requirements. Please search your NPI on this website to check if you've been added to this list.

If you are on the list and still want to work with Grow Therapy, please use this link to cancel your opt-out status. For more information on CMS Medicare Opt-Outs, please visit our FAQ Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the credentialing form take?

If you have all the necessary materials and information ready, this form should take five to ten minutes to complete.

Can I save the form and come back to it later?

No. You will need to complete the form in one sitting.

Fill out the form

To complete the credentialing form from beginning to end, please reference this interactive walkthrough: Complete Grow's credentialing form.

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