Attach files to client charts

Learn how to upload attachments to your client charts.

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You can manually upload files and attach them to your client charts. Uploading attachments will enable you to keep all your crucial client information in one place and further enhance your ability to provide the best care.

Add attachment

To add an attachment to a client chart:

  • Select Clients from the sidebar navigation.

  • Select a client to open their client chart.

  • Locate and select the Add File option on the Files card under the client's information card, which includes their name, contact information, etc.

  • Select the Upload One or Multiple Files option in the pop-out.

  • Select the desired file(s) from your device and click Open. The file(s) will now appear in the pop-out. From here, you can remove any accidental additions or rename any files you've included.

  • Finally, select the Upload button to confirm the attachments. The files will now appear in the Files card from now on.

Attach a file to a client chart

Archive, Download, or Rename an attachment

To archive, download, or rename an existing attachment:

  • Select Clients from the sidebar navigation.

  • Select the desired client to open their client chart.

  • Locate the Files card and select the Ellipsis (three dots) icon next to the file you want to archive, download, or rename.

  • Select the desired action from the dropdown menu. Please note that archived files are not deleted. They are moved to an archive folder that only becomes accessible on the Files card once a file is added to it.

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