Discharge a client

Learn how to discharge a client from your practice.

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When it's time to discharge a client from your practice, you can note their status by adding a Discharge Summary Note to their chart.

Add a discharge summary note

To add a discharge summary to a client's chart:

  • Navigate to Clients via the sidebar navigation.

  • Select a client to open their client chart.

  • Locate and select the Add Note option in the Timeline section.

The "Add note" option on a client's chart
  • Select the Discharge Summary option from the Note Type dropdown menu and select Next. Please note that you can only create a discharge note for clients that do not have future appointments. Discharging a client archives them.

  • Fill out the note details and select the Save and Archive button in the upper right.

The discharge summary will be added to the client's chart as a timeline event, and the discharged client will now appear in the Archived tab of the Clients Dashboard.

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