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Refer a client to another provider
Refer a client to another provider

Learn how to refer current clients to other Grow Therapy providers.

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Many providers find it challenging to refer a client to another provider rather than treating the client themselves. However, a different provider may better match your client's needs for many reasons, including insurance acceptance, specialty, working style, and prescription access. That is why the referral process in Grow Therapy aims to make the transfer and transition as simple as possible for both parties.

Refer a client

To refer a client:

  • Select Clients from the sidebar navigation.

  • Locate and select the client you'd like to refer to another provider.

  • On the client's chart, select Action > Refer Client in the upper right.

  • In the prompt, select Talk Therapy or Medication Management from the Referring Client For dropdown menu. This selection will determine the required information for the referral to proceed.

  • Provide the required information and select the Refer Client button.

Once finished, you'll receive a notification that the client has either been referred or that there's currently no matching within the Grow Therapy network.

Successful referral

When a client is successfully referred, your client will receive an email containing up to 3 matching providers. This email will indicate why they are being referred and display the matching providers with links to book a session.

Failed referral

If there are no matching providers for your referral, please contact support for additional assistance. The team will work with you to ensure the client receives the support they need to continue their mental health journey.

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