CPT coding for therapists

Learn about using CPT codes with Grow Therapy as a therapist.

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What are CPT codes? The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes offer healthcare providers a uniform language for coding medical services and procedures, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Why do CPT codes matter? Accurate billing is essential to ethical practice. Billing codes are used for services rendered synchronously, whether virtually or in person. Therapists cannot bill insurance for phone calls, texting, emails, or coordination of care. The time for CPT codes starts once the client and therapist are communicating synchronously and ends when the client leaves the session. Check out these scenarios if you need clarification on whether you should or can bill a client using a CPT code.

When will I use CPT codes? You'll select a CPT code when confirming a session and submitting an invoice. This selection gives us the information we need to file the claim with insurance, bill your client, and process your payment.

You'll choose codes from a dropdown menu. The most common codes are at the top, but you can scroll through the complete list of options. An explainer of these codes is available here. If a code isn't on the list, it may not be in our contract, so let us know by contacting the support team.

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