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Resolve session type & time invoice errors
Resolve session type & time invoice errors

Learn why a session type or time errors occur and how to resolve them.

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Why did I receive an error?

To make the invoicing process quicker while ensuring accuracy, Grow performs two checks regarding CPT selection and session time:

  • Grow automatically populates the "Actual time in session" information by recording the time you and your client were in the Grow telehealth session.

  • Grow ensures the selected CPT code aligns with the session time frame.

An error will occur if the provided timeframe does not match the selected code. For example, the 90837 code selection below indicates a psychotherapy session of 53+ minutes occurred. However, the recorded time from 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM only accounts for 45 minutes of session time with the client.

CPT Error Example

How do I resolve the error?

To resolve this error, either:

  • Select a code that aligns with the recorded session length.

  • If the time recorded by telehealth and automatically populated in the invoice is incorrect due to connection issues or other outside factors, manually adjust the time and code to match the actual session length and appropriate session type.
    Document the telehealth disruption in the appointment notes, which is required in some states and by some payors. An example note may include: "Provider and client experienced a tech disruption during the session and completed the session by phone. The total time spent with the client was 60 minutes between 12:15 PM and 1:30 PM. The invoice reflects the time spent live with the client."

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