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Submit an invoice

Learn how to submit an invoice following an appointment.

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You must submit an invoice containing reviewed and verified appointment details to receive a payout for an appointment. You have 14 days to submit an invoice, but we recommend submitting an appointment's notes and invoice within 24 hours to ensure accuracy and timely reimbursement.

Before you begin

🏦 Payout Details: Ensure your account is connected to Stripe so that the payout associated with the invoice can be deposited into your account.

πŸ—“οΈ Payout Timing: Insurance claim payouts are guaranteed and typically take 14 - 21 days to process, whereas successful cash payments take about 7 days. To learn more about payouts, review this FAQ. To check the status of a payout, follow these steps.

πŸ’³ Session Cost: Please review this guide if this is a cash-pay client, and your invoice will be on a sliding scale instead of your default cash-pay cost.

Submit an invoice

Video Walkthrough

Written Walkthrough

To submit an invoice:

  • First, make sure you're logged into your provider portal.

  • Next, navigate to Appointments via the sidebar navigation.

Navigate to the Appointments dashboard
  • On the "Appointments" dashboard, select the Unsubmitted tab to view appointments that have occurred but that you haven't submitted an invoice for payout.

Select the Unsubmitted tab
  • From the "Unsubmitted" tab, locate the desired appointment for invoicing and select the Submit Invoice button.

Submit for a specific appointment
  • Review and update the appointment details in the notes view, ensuring all required sections are filled out.

Fill out the notes
  • With the required information provided, close out the note by declaring the services were appropriate and necessary and that the information you provided in the notes is accurate.

Close out the appointment/invoice notes
  • With the declaration confirmed, select the Submit button to review the final invoice details.

Submit the notes
  • Verify the session and invoice specifics, such as the session type, client location, diagnosis, visit price, expected payout, etc.

🌟 TIP: If you received a session type or time error while confirming the invoice details, check out this guide to learn why it occurred and how to resolve it.

Verify the invoice details
  • After reviewing and verifying the information, select the Submit button to submit the invoice. You'll have 24 hours after submission to amend the invoice notes if needed. Learn more about note modifications here.

Submit the invoice
  • After submitting it, you'll receive a confirmation message. You can also review the invoice/appointment listed in the Past tab with a status of "Submitted," an expected payout amount, and an expected payout date. Learn more here.

Invoice status and payout estimates
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