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Connect a Stripe account

Learn how to connect your bank account so you get paid.

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Grow Therapy deposits any processed payments to your bank account each Friday as a payout. Your account must be connected to Stripe, Grow Therapy's payment processing partner, to receive a payout. More information on your payouts and earnings is available in the Payout & Earnings | FAQ.

Note: Depending on your financial institution, the processed funds from your paid claim(s) may take until the following Monday to be available in your account.

Connect your Stripe account

To connect or create a Stripe account so you can receive payouts:

  • Log in to your Grow Therapy provider portal.

  • Select the Dashboard option from the sidebar.

  • Scroll down, locate the Earnings section, and select Connect to Stripe.

Connect to Stripe dashboard option
  • Follow the prompts to connect or create an account. When completing these steps, please note the following:

    • Account Details: If you already have a Stripe account, you can use the same email address. Otherwise, this process will create an account for you.

    • Account Verification: Stripe will ask for your phone number to verify your account. Once you confirm your phone number, Stripe will give you a backup code to access your account if you ever get locked out. Keep this code in a safe location.

    • Business Information: Do not use Grow Therapy's information. Please provide your information. You must list your home address for tax purposes if you do not have an office location. The "Type of Business" field should be individual unless you are a sole proprietor or LLC with an employer identification number (EIN). If you do not have an EIN, you are considered an individual.

    • Support Details: Do not use Grow Therapy's information. Please provide your information.

    • Website Details: We recommended that providers use their Grow Therapy marketplace profile page. To find your profile URL, navigate to the Dashboard > copy your New Clients link > paste the link into a new tab > select the View Profile option under your name on the booking page > Copy the URL of your profile page up to the question (?) mark. (Click for a video walkthrough)

  • Once you complete the Stripe setup process, return to your Grow Therapy account and refresh the dashboard page. The "Connect to Stripe" button in the Earnings section should now appear as "Visit my Stripe Dashboard" instead.

With your Stripe account connected, payouts will start processing each Friday.

Access Stripe from Grow Therapy

Troubleshoot common issues

Payouts are disabled or restricted - This error is typically displayed when Stripe has requested specific information to update the account. In these instances, you should receive an email from Stripe with the details, such as the need for supporting evidence about your account's related industry.

Need to connect a different account - If you need to connect a different Stripe account to your provider portal, please contact support so they can disconnect the current account and allow you to follow the "Connect to Stripe" steps above.

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