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Learn how and when you get paid for your appointments.

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Grow Therapy handles all insurance and billing matters to make running your practice easier and allow you to focus on client care. Your provider portal provides an overview of your expected payout rate and expected payout date for each session for payout transparency.

Before you begin

Please review the following prerequisites for receiving accurate payouts.

  • Bank information: You must have a connected bank account to receive payouts.

  • Multiple invoices for the same day: Two sessions with the same client on the same day are only billable if the client is in crisis. If the additional session was for crisis mitigation purposes, you must include the "Psychotherapy for Crisis" CPT code (90839). The claim will be denied if this code is not included.

  • Guaranteed payouts: While Grow Therapy guarantees payouts even if we don’t successfully connect from insurance or clients do not pay their out-of-pocket expenses(e.g., copays, deductibles), we cannot guarantee payouts on no-show fees and other cash fees, including claims for patients who are paying on a cash pay basis. When charges do not go through, we automatically send emails notifying clients that they need to update their card on file and explain that they must pay their balance before scheduling any future appointments.

View expected payouts

To view your expected payouts:

  • Select Appointments from the sidebar.

Select Appointments from the sidebar menu
  • Select the Past tab. If you do not see the tabs, use the toggles at the top right to ensure you are in the list view and not the calendar.

View past appointments
  • Select the Submitted option from the Status dropdown menu.

Filter past appointments by status

All submitted invoices will be listed here, including the expected payouts and expected payout dates associated with each one. Please note the following:

Review expected payout amounts

Expected Payout: the total amount paid to you after Grow Therapy has processed the payment. Grow Therapy guarantees insurance payouts. Any issues with a claim will be handled for you and will not impact your payment.

Expect Payout Date: Payouts for insurance claims are guaranteed and typically take 14 - 21 days to process, whereas successful cash payments take about 7 days. Claims that are processed are paid out every Friday. In the insurance payout example shown below:

  1. The Provider meets with a patient on a Monday.

  2. The claim will be marked for payment 2 weeks after the invoice has been submitted.

  3. In this example, the claim is marked for payment on a Tuesday, so the payout to your connected account is processed on the soonest Friday.

  4. Depending on your setup or financial institution, the processed funds from your paid claim(s) may not be available in your account until Monday.

🌟 TIP: The cutoff time for new insurance claims is 7 PM ET each Thursday. To ensure the fastest payout (~14 days), submit invoices before then.

Example payout timeline and calendar

View past payouts

To review previous payouts, select Payouts from the sidebar. The Past Payouts tab lists every successful payout, including related invoices. Meanwhile, the Payment Not Collected tab lists incomplete payouts due to outstanding issues, like an invalid client credit card.

Access the Payouts dashboard

View total historical earnings

To view your historical earnings, including the total amount billed and the total amount paid out, select Dashboard from the sidebar and scroll down to the Earnings section.

  • Total Billed: the combined value of all invoices you have submitted.

  • Paid Out: the total amount deposited in your Stripe/Bank account already.

Historical earnings example

This is also where you can quickly connect or access your connected Stripe account. If Connect to Stripe appears, please follow these steps to set up a connected bank account as soon as possible. Secure direct deposit payouts cannot occur without configuring these settings.

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