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Create invoices for unlisted appointments
Create invoices for unlisted appointments

Learn how to create and submit invoices for unlisted (e.g., emergency) appointments.

Updated over a week ago

Occasionally, a situation may arise where you hold an appointment that wasn't proactively scheduled and added to your Appointment dashboard in your provider portal. To ensure the session's information is appropriately logged and you can invoice the time spent with the client, you can submit a claim for an "unlisted" appointment.

Note: Invoices for past unlisted appointments must be created and submitted within two weeks of the service date.

To create an invoice for an unlisted (e.g., emergency) appointment:

  • Navigate to Appointments via the sidebar navigation.

  • Select Add > Create an Invoice in the top-right.

Create a new invoice
  • In the dropdown menu, search or scroll down and select the 'Submit a claim for an unlisted appointment' option.

Unlisted appointment option
  • Fill out all the necessary information, including the client, date, and appointment notes, and Submit the invoice.

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