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Payment policy for cash-pay appointments
Payment policy for cash-pay appointments

Review Grow's policy and procedures for collecting out-of-pocket payments.

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It is increasingly common for clients to pay out of pocket for their sessions instead of using insurance. As providers, it is essential to understand the reasons behind this choice and how it can affect your practice and client relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Clients pay out-of-pocket for various reasons, including customized care and greater flexibility.

  • Grow Therapy collects billing and payment information from each client during the initial session booking unless the client uses a plan exempting them from fee collection, such as Medicaid.

  • All you need to do to accept cash-pay is set your cash-pay rate.

  • Providers will only receive qualifying cash-pay payments if the client has successfully paid.

  • If we detect an invalid credit card on file, clients and providers with upcoming appointments are notified via email when an initial charge fails.

Client billing and payment information

Grow Therapy automatically collects client billing and payment information during the initial booking process unless the client holds an insurance plan that exempts them from being charged out-of-pocket fees. Examples include Medicaid, Kaiser Permanente, and Medicare/Medicaid Dual plans.

While entering payment details, clients can review billing and payment terms on your booking page, as shown below:

Payment Details Disclaimer

Cash rate preferences

Cash pay is enabled by default. All you need to do to start accepting cash-pay appointments is set your cash-pay rate. You can establish or adjust your rate(s) in your Basic Information settings. The cash-pay toggle will remain 'on' in all states eligible for cash payments. Information on scheduling a client as cash pay is available in this article.

Cost per cash session

Clients can filter the Grow Therapy marketplace by cash. Your cash-pay session price will be visible to potential clients on your profile and booking page.

Session cost preview - Grow Therapy Marketplace

Why clients might choose to pay out of pocket

While many insurance co-pays offer reduced care costs for clients, a client may elect to pay out-of-pocket for many reasons.

  • Privacy Concerns - Clients may prefer to keep their healthcare information private. Paying out of pocket means their treatment details are kept from insurance companies, maintaining a higher level of confidentiality.

  • Avoiding Diagnostic Labels - Insurance claims often require a specific diagnosis. Some clients might wish to avoid having a formal mental health diagnosis on their record, which could potentially impact future insurance coverage or personal concerns about stigma.

  • Greater Flexibility - Out-of-pocket payments often allow for more flexibility in choosing providers and types of therapy. Clients can select the provider that best fits their needs without being limited by their insurance network.

  • Faster Access to Care - Insurance approvals can delay the start of treatment. Clients can often begin therapy more quickly by paying directly without waiting for insurance authorization.

  • Customized Care - Insurance companies may limit the number or type of sessions. Clients paying out of pocket can tailor their treatment plans more precisely to their needs without these restrictions.

Considering these points, you can better accommodate clients who pay out of pocket, ensuring they receive the best care while maintaining a thriving practice.

Payment policy for cash-pay appointments

Providers will only receive cash-pay appointment payments if the client has successfully paid the required fee. This policy ensures that our payment system remains fair and consistent for all parties involved.

Client Responsibility: After their appointment, the client is responsible for the cash fee. Grow will automatically charge the client's payment method to obtain this fee.

No Payment for Unpaid Fees: The provider will only be compensated for the appointment if the client pays the required cash fee. This policy applies to all cash-pay appointments without exception.

Grow Therapy's internal process for failed charges

Grow Therapy attempts to collect payment for failed charges by utilizing the following process:

  • Once we have an invalid credit card on file, clients and providers with upcoming appointments are notified via email when an initial charge fails.

  • Clients are prompted to update their credit card information and notified that they can only reschedule once the balance is paid. This reminder is sent out every three (3) days for five (5) weeks, then every five (5) days for six (6) months.

  • We automatically retry the failed charge twice, and clients can manually retry their card through their client portal on their Account > Billing page.

  • Appointments within 24 hours will not be canceled to avoid a jarring experience for clients and an interruption in possibly urgent care.

  • Appointments within 48 hours are canceled until payment is received (up to three appointments, then all future appointments are canceled).

Policy goals

Grow Therapy aims to maintain a consistent, streamlined, and fair payment system for all providers and clients while encouraging clients to adhere to payment policies and reducing instances of unpaid services.

Please contact our support team if you have questions or need further clarification.

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