Schedule a client as cash pay

Learn how to schedule clients with the cash pay option.

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Grow Therapy enables clients to pay for their appointments with cash instead of insurance. This option provides you and your clients with more flexibility.

Before you begin

To accept cash-pay clients, please note the following:

  • To accept cash-pay clients, please review your Referral Preferences and ensure that you accept referrals and that the Cash Pay option is enabled for your operating area(s). Learn more about managing your referrals here.

  • The session cost for cash-pay clients is set in your Profile settings.

New Clients

When a new client attempts to book an appointment with you via your scheduling link or a Grow-affiliated marketplace, they can elect to pay with cash (out-of-pocket) instead of insurance in the Insurance Options section of the appointment booking form.

Selecting the "Cash, out-of-pocket" option during the first booking

When a client selects the cash option, your default out-of-pocket cost will be displayed at the top of the booking page next to your information and next to the Book Now button at the bottom of the page. This cost is determined in your Profile settings.

Cash-Pay cost to the client

If you would like to change the cost to the client, such as placing them on a sliding scale for affordability and accessibility reasons, you can submit an alternative amount in the Self-Pay Visit Price field when submitting their future invoices. Additional information on billing cash-pay clients is available in this article.

Existing Clients

If an existing client wants to change from paying with insurance to paying with cash, they can update this election in their Account settings using their client portal. If you are actively communicating with the client, you can send them a message like this:

Hi {Client Name},

To switch to cash-pay for future sessions, please:

  • Log into your Client Portal

  • Select Account from the sidebar menu

  • Select Cash in the Insurance Options tab, and Save.

Once these settings are updated, all of our future sessions will be billed at my current cash-pay rate of {Insert your rate}. All previous sessions billed to insurance cannot be changed.

Thank you,

{Your Name}

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