Invoice a client on a sliding scale

Learn how to submit invoices for clients on a sliding scale.

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If you have a client who wants to see you on a sliding scale, you can adjust the pricing before submitting the invoice. Any client being billed on a sliding scale must be cash-paying, and the client cannot have insurance associated with their account.

Before you begin

To ensure a client is currently on cash pay and not associated with insurance, you can navigate to the Clients dashboard, select their client record, and ensure 'Cash (Out-of-Pocket)' appears in the Insurance field of their Client Information card.

If the client is using insurance, contact them and instruct them to swap their My Coverage settings from Insurance to Cash, Out-of-Pocket by following the steps outlined in this Client Help Center guide.

Submit an adjusted invoice

The default fee for all cash-pay clients is set in the Basic Information section of your Profile Settings. To adjust this default fee before submitting an invoice:

  • Navigate to Appointments in your provider portal.

  • Select the Unsubmitted tab and locate the desired client's appointment.

  • Select the Submit Invoice option on the appointment.

Submit an invoice
  • Fill in and confirm the session notes and select Submit.

  • Fill in and confirm the invoice details, ensuring you update the default value in the 'Self-pay visit price' field to the desired amount for this particular client before ultimately selecting the Submit button in the top right.

Self-Pay Visit Price
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