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Check the status of a payout

Learn how to check on the status of a claim and its associated payout.

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Grow handles all insurance and billing matters to make running your practice easier and allow you to focus on client care. Payouts are processed in batches, enabling you to review them in bulk. A preview of your expected payout rate and expected payout date for each appointment and its associated claim is also available.

TIP: Interested in learning more about payouts? The Payout & Earnings | FAQ provides additional information, including how the timing of your invoice submissions and the client's payment method affect your payouts.

Review payouts in bulk

To review your payouts in bulk, including the date of payout, amount of payout, client, and date of service:

  • Log into your provider portal.

  • Select Payouts from the sidebar.

  • In the Past Payouts tab, weekly payouts will be listed along with the specific appointments they were processed for, including client name, date of service, and payout by appointment.

Past Payouts in Bulk

Check on individual payouts

To check whether a payout associated with a specific appointment is scheduled or has already been processed:

  • Log into your provider portal.

  • Select Appointment from the sidebar.

  • Select the Past tab. Your past appointments will be listed individually, including the date and time of the appointment, the expected payout amount, and the date of the expected payout. Claims that have been paid will show a purple circle with a check mark, whereas a yellow calendar icon will indicate scheduled payments. You can also apply filters via the Status dropdown menu to make review easier. For example, a payout amount or estimate will never be available if an appointment's invoice status is unsubmitted.

Expected payout by appointment

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