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Overview of the provider portal
Overview of the provider portal

Learn about the various features and functions of your provider portal.

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The provider portal allows you to manage all aspects of your Grow Therapy practice, including client information, appointments, client communications, invoicing, directory profiles, and more. The sections below introduce your portal's main sections and the features or functions available within.

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The Dashboard is your home screen within your portal. It provides an overview of your practice's performance, including appointments, tasks, and earnings, while allowing you to access important tools and settings, like your scheduling link and referrals status.

Provider Dashboard preview

1) Referral Status

The referrals toggle on the Dashboard allows you to turn all your referrals on or off quickly and easily. To manage your referrals more granularly, such as by region or insurance provider, please check out this resource.

2) Upcoming Today

This section shows your upcoming appointments with clients. Select an appointment to edit, cancel, or access its details, including client information. More information on managing your schedule and appointments is available here.

3) Tasks

This section shows your incomplete tasks. These tasks range from invoice submission and follow-up appointment reminders to account management recommendations like updating your provider profile or enabling new features.

4) Earnings

This section shows your historical earnings, including the total amount billed and paid. Additional information on payouts and earnings is available here.

5) Scheduling Shortcuts

This section lets you retrieve and share your new and existing client scheduling links quickly and easily. The "new clients" link allows a new client to book a session with you while selecting an existing client's name will generate a link allowing that client to book a follow-up appointment.

More information on adding new clients to your portal is available here, while more information on booking follow-up appointments is available here.


The Messages dashboard allows you to leverage safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant communication and file-sharing with your clients. The key features are outlined below; however, you can find more information on using the messages tool here.

Secure client messaging preview

1) New Client Message

The "Compose" button lets you send a message to an existing client. If you've never sent a message to any of your clients, a "No Messages Yet" message will be shown on this dashboard instead with an accompanying "Compose Message" button.

2) Message Composition

The "Compose Your Message" field is where you input your message and can add attachments. When a message is sent to a client, the client will receive a notification in their email and their client portal.

3) Previous Client Messages

This dashboard area shows all of your ongoing and previous client messages.


The Clients dashboard is your virtual filing cabinet. You can access all your client information, from contact information to intake forms and session notes.

Clients tab preview

1) Client Status

These tabs allow you to filter your clients based on their status:

  • Active: A client in this status currently receives treatment with you and can book appointments with you independently.

  • Needs Follow-up: A client in this status has completed at least one appointment with you but has yet to book or be scheduled for a future session.

  • Scheduled: A client in this status has booked or been scheduled for a future appointment, either as a standalone session or a recurring appointment.

  • Archived: A client should only be placed in this status if they no longer actively receive your treatment. An archived client cannot book additional sessions with you, so this status is typically reserved for individuals referred to other providers or who have decided to leave/pause their care.

Use these tabs combined with the search bar to locate specific clients and perform client-related tasks more easily and quickly.

2) Client Information

Select an individual from the client table to access their information, including their contact information, intake forms, and all notes taken for this client.

3) Schedule a Follow-Up

The "Schedule a Follow-Up" button allows you to quickly create a follow-up appointment for a client, including the date, time, location, and frequency. Both you and the client will receive appointment confirmation emails with the appointment details.


The Appointments dashboard gives you access to all appointment details, including options to schedule, reschedule, revise, cancel, and invoice sessions.

Appointments tab preview

1) +Add Button

This button allows you to add new appointments or create new invoices. Additional information on appointment management is available here, while more details on creating and using invoices are available here.

Note: Invoices are automatically generated for all appointments booked through Grow. You should only use the "Add > Create an invoice" option if you had an appointment that was not captured on the Grow platform.

2) View Toggle

This toggle allows you to switch between a list (table) view and a calendar view that shows your appointments by day, week, work week, or month.

Events in the calendar view are color-coded. Yellow 🟑 represents intake (first) sessions, Green 🟒 represents follow-up sessions, Purple 🟣 represents busy events from your synced connected calendar, Gray βšͺ️ is unavailable, and White is available.

Appointments tab calendar view

3) Appointment Status

These tabs allow you to filter your appointments based on their status:

  • Upcoming: These appointments are scheduled but have yet to occur.

  • Unsubmitted: These appointments were completed, but you still need to submit the associated invoice. Invoices must be submitted within two weeks of an appointment.

  • Expiring: These appointments were completed, but you still need to submit the associated invoice, and the two-week submission window is about to close.

  • Past: All past appointments, regardless of invoice status, appear within this filter.

  • Canceled: All appointments you or the client cancel appear within this filter.

Use these tabs combined with the search bar to locate specific appointments and perform appointment-related tasks more easily and quickly.

4) Appointment Information

Select an individual to access the appointment and client's information.


The Payouts dashboard allows you to review the status of your payouts, including their associated invoices. Grow Therapy sends providers payouts every Friday; however, insurance claims take about 2-3 weeks to process from submission, while cash pay claims will take about one week. Once the claims process and you've been paid, all necessary information concerning the payout will be accessible in your payouts tab.

Additional information on payouts and earnings is available here.

Payout dashboard view


The Community option links to the Provider Community. The Provider Community is all about connecting and supporting Grow Therapy's growing network of providers. It aims to remove the feeling of isolation that often accompanies starting and running a private practice by connecting you with your peers. The community spaces are full of support, advice, and resources others have found helpful.

Additional information on the Provider Community is available here.

Profile & Portal Settings

Selecting your name in the bottom-left opens an account menu. This menu links to additional resources, including PDFs of patient forms and letterhead, your profile settings, and the logout function.

Accessing profile and portal settings
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