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Get answers to common questions about the credentialing process.

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How long will credentialing take?

The credentialing time frame will depend on your state, the networks you're being credentialed with, and whether you've been credentialed before. On average, it takes 2-5 months from start to finish. We do everything we can to ensure your application(s) are on track, but the insurance companies are ultimately responsible for processing your application(s). Rest assured, we're working to get you in-network as fast as possible!

You can see credentialing timelines for each payor here.

Can I check the status of my applications?

Yes! Click here to check the status of your credentialing application(s).

If I leave Grow, do I keep my credentialing status?

No, your status won't follow you outside of Grow. The credentialing process adds you to Grow's group contracts so that you can bill clients' insurance through us. However, the process may be quicker if you re-credential onto a different group contract since the insurance company has previously reviewed and approved you on our contract.

Why must I send my Professional Liability Insurance?

Every insurance company requires providers to have active Professional Liability Insurance to be credentialed, so we can only submit your credentialing applications with your current certificate of insurance (COI). Your COI must meet the following requirements:

  • Your COI is active and has not expired

  • You're insured as an individual and not through a group

  • Your limits of insurance are at least:

    • $1 million per occurrence, $3 million aggregate

Have a new COI to send us? You can do so here.

When will I be invited to the platform?

To be invited to the Grow platform, you need to be in-network with at least one insurance payor through Grow, and our credentialing committee must also approve your application. Once this first contract has come through, we will invite you to our platform and get ready to launch your practice.

I live in Florida, but my Florida Blue status says "Out of State." Why is this?

Your NPI account, Florida State License, CAQH account, and the home address that you submitted to Grow must be in Florida to be credentialed with Florida Blue.

If you reside in Florida part-time or are planning to move there, you can use this address for credentialing as long as you are comfortable updating each of those documents/accounts. Once we've confirmed the updates, we can submit your Florida Blue application.

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