HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms

Learn about your options for encrypted platforms to communicate with clients securely.

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With cyber security and privacy becoming increasingly vital, many providers communicate with clients using email, phone, and fax platforms that offer encryption and guarantee HIPAA compliance. If you are currently in the market to implement this within your private practice but need help figuring out where to start, below are a few recommendations.

🌟 TIP: Grow's messaging tool is also HIPAA-compliant and a great way to communicate with clients and send attachments at no additional cost.

Proton's comprehensive security offerings

One brand highly recommended for mental healthcare providers is Proton. Proton started as an encrypted email service but has now expanded to offer multiple services to provide you with the ultimate protection. There are numerous different tiers, starting with a free account. You can read more about Proton's HIPAA compliance here.

  • Proton Mail: Protects your communication with zero-access and end-to-end private encryption by default.

  • Proton Drive: Secures your files with encrypted cloud storage that gives you control of your data.

  • Proton VPN: Proton's VPN acts as your gateway to online freedom. Access blocked content and browse privately.

  • Proton Calendar: Your calendar is a record of your life. Keep it safe with an encrypted calendar.

Secure calls and texts

Google Voice

Google Voice through Google Workspace is HIPAA-compliant. You'll have to sign a BAA with Google Workspace to ensure your communication is HIPAA-compliant. Google Workspace is a paid service that Grow will not provide.
You can learn more about Google's HIPAA Implementation and Workspace BAA through these resources:


Despite the name, RingRx is not just for prescribers. This service can benefit any behavioral health provider looking for HIPAA-compliant phone communications. Pricing tiers are available based on your practice's needs. The middle tier also includes web-based faxing services.

E-fax services


iFax is a HIPAA-verified fax provider that boasts accessibility and the ability to import files from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Box. You can also manage your fax services from the Android or iOS versions of the iFax app from your smartphone or tablet, amongst other convenient features.


SRFAX offers three HIPAA-compliant Healthcare plans. The most affordable plan suits providers who send and receive 500 pages per month or fewer. Services include email to fax/fax to email and live phone support within certain hours.

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