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Provider Referral Program | FAQ
Provider Referral Program | FAQ

Learn about the provider referral program, including eligibility and bonus amounts.

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Grow Therapy's provider referral program allows you to earn rewards by sharing Grow Therapy with your peers. Every referral enables us to expand our network, serve more clients, and help end the stigma that mental health care is beyond reach.

If you're enjoying Grow Therapy, let others know! Together, we grow! 🌱

🌟 TIP: Already familiar with the program? Jump to the "How do I refer a provider to Grow Therapy?" section to quickly access the referral forms.

Grow Therapy Referral Program

Program Overview

What is the provider referral program, and how does it work?

Grow Therapy's provider referral program enables you to earn rewards for spreading the word about Grow to other providers. Your support is valuable to us, and we appreciate you advocating for Grow Therapy within your community.

The program is pretty straightforward – you'll earn a referral bonus for each provider you refer to Grow Therapy who completes the intake process. There's currently no limit to the number of providers you can invite to Grow Therapy, which means the more providers you refer, the more you can earn.

How much is the referral bonus?

Send a provider our way and earn a $100 gift card when they join Grow.

How is the referral bonus paid out?

The referral bonus is offered as an Amazon gift card.

Referral Eligibility

Who can I refer to Grow Therapy?

Grow Therapy accepts independently licensed mental health providers in any location where Grow currently operates.

Can I refer a provider who's already been referred to Grow Therapy?

If you submit a referral for a provider after they have already joined Grow, you will not be eligible to receive the referral bonus.

If you submit a referral for a provider already referred by someone else, the initial referrer will receive the referral bonus if they complete the intake process.

Referral Process

How do I refer a provider to Grow Therapy?

Use this page to submit your referral.

What happens after I refer a provider to Grow Therapy?

Once you refer a provider to Grow Therapy, one of the team's provider intake associates will reach out to schedule an initial call. If your referral decides to move forward with Grow Therapy, they'll receive their intake forms and start the credentialing process.

Receiving Referral Rewards

How and when will I receive my referral bonus?

You will receive the referral bonus when your referral completes the credentialing process and logs into their provider portal for the first time. On average, it takes about 4-8 weeks for a qualified provider to be invited to join our platform after their introductory meeting.
Once your referral is invited to the platform, you will receive an email from with your gift card.

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