Interpreter Services

Learn how to receive interpreter services for your clients 24/7

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For KAISER patients - Please view this document for instructions. Providers must use these interpreter services for Kaiser patients instead of Cyracom.

For ALL OTHER patients - Please follow the steps outlined below for your desired connection type.

Over the Phone

Over Telehealth

  1. Dial 1-800-481-3293

  2. Enter the Account # 501035199

  3. Enter the PIN 6219

  4. Say the language you need.

  5. Select if you would like to add an additional person to the call.

  6. Connect to the first available interpreter.

  1. Connect with your client via Grow Telehealth as usual.

  2. In a separate tab, open this page.

  3. Sign in using these credentials:

    Password: Therapy123

  4. Find the language you need.

  5. Click the “Voice Call” button or “Video Call” button to start the call. Your interpreter will then be able to connect to the call with your client.

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