Block times on your calendar

Learn how to block off specific times on your calendar to prevent client bookings without changing your overall scheduling preferences.

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While your scheduling preferences determine your overall availability, there are often specific recurring events, such as lunch or one-off events, like a day off, that you will want to block on your calendar to prevent client bookings. This is done quickly and easily via your connected calendar.

Supported calendar services

Grow Therapy currently supports calendar syncing with the following:

  • Google Calendar

  • iCloud Calendar

  • Microsoft/Office 365

  • Exchange


Navigate to the Synced Calendar section of your profile settings in Grow Therapy to review your synced calendar provider and status.

Access your synced calendar

To access your synced calendar, navigate to it directly via your web browser or app. If you aren't sure which account is connected to Grow Therapy:

  • Select your name in the bottom left corner, and click Edit Profile.

  • Next, select the Synced Calendar option in the "Appointments" submenu.

  • Locate the details (e.g., email address) associated with your primary calendar.

Synced calendar tab preview provider dashboard

Block off time with events

You can block off specific recurring or one-off events, such as a lunch or a day off, without changing your overall scheduling preferences. To do so:

  • Navigate to your calendar.

  • Add an event to your synced calendar.

  • Make sure the event is marked or shown as Busy. An event marked "Busy" cannot be booked over. An event marked "Free" allows other events, such as a client appointment, to be booked simultaneously.

Example of busy event, Google Calendar

Confirm your changes

Check the appointments view in your portal to confirm that the "Busy" synced calendar event(s) you created successfully blocked off the desired time(s).

  • Navigate to Appointments and switch to the Calendar view via the toggle in the upper right next to the "Add" button. You should see your event(s) blocked off during the selected period(s) with purple "Synced calendar events."

Viewing synced calendar events on Grow Therapy calendar

This change is also reflected on the calendar shown to clients via your follow-up or new client scheduling link. To review the client experience:

  • Select Dashboard from the sidebar navigation.

  • Locate the New Clients scheduling link in the "Your Practice" section, or select a specific client's name from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the Copy link button and paste the link into a new tab to preview your changes.

Note: The event titles you've created do not appear to clients, and the times will not appear as available for booking.

client follow-up link preview

Preview your calendar

The Preview Calendar feature lets you preview your calendar without accessing an additional link. This feature is located in the Scheduling section of your profile settings, where you configure what availability to show to clients.

  • Select your name in the bottom left corner, and click Edit Profile.

  • Select the Scheduling option from the "Appointments" submenu.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Preview Calendar.

preview calendar feature within scheduling section
  • A preview of your calendar will appear, as seen below.

  • Any times blocked off with a synced calendar event will be greyed out, and hovering over this event will show the "You have a synced event from an external calendar at this time" message.

  • You can use the drop-down menu(s) to view how various appointment types and locations are displayed.

Calendar preview screen, provider dashboard
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