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Remove busy events from your calendar

Learn how to remove busy events, also known as busy blocks, from your calendar.

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Calendar events can block you and your clients from scheduling sessions. Removing an event and freeing up additional availability depends on its source.

Follow these steps if your event is sourced from Grow Therapy, such as a busy block. Meanwhile, follow these steps if the event was synced to your Grow Therapy calendar from a connected service like Google Calendar or Outlook.

Note: Appointment cancellations require a few extra steps. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please refer to this article.

Delete a Grow Therapy event

To remove blocks of unavailability, also known as busy blocks, from your calendar:

  • Visit your calendar.

  • Select the event you need to remove to view its details.

  • On the pop-out menu, select the Remove from calendar button.

Remove a Grow Therapy busy block
  • If you created a recurring busy block, such as a lunch, select This and all following events to remove it.

Delete recurring block of unavailability

Delete a synced calendar event

Note: 'Busy' events will block available time slots and remove the option to schedule another event simultaneously, while a 'Free' event will appear on your calendar while still allowing other events, such as client appointments, to occur. To read more about this, please refer to this article.

To remove an event on your synced calendar:

  • Navigate to your synced calendar. If you aren't sure which calendar you're syncing with Grow Therapy, check the Synced Calendar settings in your portal.

  • From your synced calendar, select the event and choose the 'delete' option - a Google Calendar example is shown below. Once the event has been deleted, this new availability will be available for other events and clients to book.

Deleting a synced calendar event
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