Cancel or reschedule appointments

Learn how to cancel or reschedule an appointment as a provider.

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An appointment is canceled or rescheduled in one of two ways:

  1. The provider (You) cancels or reschedules it via the Provider Dashboard.

  2. The client cancels or schedules it via their Client Dashboard. Clients cannot make this change within 24 hours of their appointment. They must contact you as their provider to cancel within this "late notice" timeframe, and the request is subject to any late cancellation fees you've set within your account.

This guide explains option one. If a client asks you how to do this independently, please send them this resource instead.

Cancel an appointment

Best practices

When canceling an appointment due to reasons on your end:

  • Provide the client with the most advance notice possible.

  • Make sure that the cancelation reason and note are accurate and concise.

  • Ensure the client knows how to quickly and easily reschedule, such as through your booking link.

With these best practices in mind, follow the steps below to cancel an appointment.

Canceling an appointment

To cancel an appointment:

  • Navigate to Appointments via the sidebar.

  • Locate the appointment you'd like to cancel. If the appointment is more than a few days away, using the List View option via the toggle at the top-right is often quicker because it allows you to search for a client by name.

  • Select the appointment and choose the Cancel appointment option at the bottom of the pop-out menu. This action will open up a new tab in your browser.

Reschedule an appointment

If you need to reschedule a client's current session, reach out to the client using the Messaging Feature. You can then follow the directions below to reschedule the client.

Canceling an Appointment

1. Shift your Appointments section to the Calendar View

2. Select the Client's specific appointment you would like to cancel.

3. Select "Cancel appointment"

To fully cancel this session you will want to select the "Cancel appointment" button.

This will open up a new tab in your browser.

4. Select the Reason for cancelling the session.

You will be prompted to provide a reason for cancelling the session. If you select "Other" please provide an explanation in the given space.

You also have the option to send the client a personalized message as part of the notice of cancellation.

If you have provided the needed information the "X Yes, Cancel" button will turn from grey to red.

Select this button and the appointment will be cancelled. You will be routed to a page confirming the cancellation, as well as receive an email notice.

Depending on the reason for the cancellation the client will be provided a link to reschedule a session with you directly.

Rescheduling an Appointment

1. Shift your Appointments section to the Calendar View

If you are currently using the list view ( 3 dots with 3 lines on the right side), you will want to shift to the Calendar view.

2. Select the Client's specific appoint you would like to reschedule.

You will then want to click on and select the specific appointment you would like to reschedule.

In this example case, "Ziggy Stardust on Sat. Feb 18 at 12:00pm"

3. Select "Edit appointment"

To fully reschedule a specific session you will want to select the "Edit appointment" button. This is a green button with white "Edit appointment" text.

4. Provide the new date and time

This will allow you to edit this specific session. You will want to update the date, time, and location if needed. Select "Save appointment" after updating this time.

If multiple sessions are scheduled at this time you will then be asked if you would like to reschedule all future events or just this one. Select "Save"

5. Confirmation Email

You and the client both will receive an email confirming the new rescheduled appointment time. The below is an image of the email the clients receives.

6. Client is not ready to reschedule

If the client is not ready to reschedule their session you can follow the steps to Canceling an Appointment (explained above) the client will be provided your reschedule link in that email.

You can also provide this link directly to the client by selecting the clients name in the Client Scheduling Form section on your front Dashboard page.

FAQ/ Video Walkthrough

Can I make this change without going through Grow Therapy?

No. It is important to reschedule/ cancel appointments from your provider dashboard. If the calendar invitation is changed without using one of these options, then the calendar event will be out of sync with Grow Therapy. That means the Appointment in the system will show for the wrong time, and the insurance claim could be filed with an incorrect date associated with it.

Cancelling Appointments Video

Rescheduling Appointments Video

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