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Contact a client

Learn how to contact a client via email, phone, or secure messaging.

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There are three options for contacting a client: email, phone, and secure messaging.

Email or Phone

To contact a client via email or phone:

  • Select Clients from the sidebar navigation.

  • Search for the desired client and select their name.

  • Locate the client's email address or phone number in the "Client information" section of the client's record.

  • Use the information to contact the client using your practice's preferred email address or phone number.

Example client information

Secure Messaging

There are two ways to contact clients via secure messaging, and both are covered below. Please note the following before using the messaging feature:

  • You and your clients can share messages and files within your Grow Therapy accounts. All communication is encrypted, and the team built the tool with HIPAA and applicable privacy law compliance in mind from the start.

  • You and your clients are notified about new messages in Grow Therapy and via email, so there's no need to worry about missing replies.

  • The messaging tool is not intended for emergency or crisis communication.

  • Clients needing to discuss billing, insurance, and other non-clinical issues should still contact support.

Messages dashboard

To contact a client using the messages dashboard:

  • Select Messages from the sidebar navigation.

  • In the upper right, select Compose.

  • Select the desired client from the dropdown menu in the "Compose Message" prompt and select the Next button.

  • Input your message into the Compose a message field and add an attachment using the Attachment πŸ“Ž button if needed.

  • Finally, select the Send button when the message is complete.

The message has been sent and will appear in the messages dashboard of the client's Grow Therapy account. Additionally, the client will receive an email notification.

compose a message to client

Client profile

To message a client from their profile:

  • Select Clients from the sidebar navigation.

  • Search for the desired client and select their name.

  • In the upper right, select the Message client button.

  • You will be automatically routed to the Messages dashboard, where you can compose and send the message to the client.

Message a client from their profile
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