Sync your calendar with Grow Therapy

Learn how to sync your personal calendar to your provider portal.

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You are required to sync a personal calendar to Grow Therapy before accepting clients. This helps ensure you remain aware of all your Grow Therapy appointment bookings while preventing unwanted double bookings. Any appointments or events on the synced calendar will appear unavailable on your Grow Therapy calendar. Grow Therapy currently supports calendar syncing with the following:

  • Google Calendar

  • iCloud Calendar

  • Microsoft/Office 365

  • Exchange


To sync your personal calendar with your provider portal:

  • Select your name in the bottom left corner, and click Edit Profile.

  • Next, select the Synced Calendar option under the Appointments header.

  • (Option 1) If you've never synced a calendar, the available services will be listed along with their logos. Select the one you'd like to connect with and follow the prompts to finish the process.

Add a calendar - first time
  • (Option 2) If a calendar was previously synced, you will see it listed here, along with the service's logo, the associated email address, and the calendar sync status. To add another calendar, select the Add Calendar Account option and follow the prompts to finish the process.

Add an additional calendar

​Your calendar is now syncing with Grow Therapy. Events from each will be available for you to review, but don't worry; clients cannot see these details when booking an appointment. They only see 'Busy' blocks.

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