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Sync your Apple calendar with Grow

Learn how to sync your Apple calendar to your Grow Therapy provider portal.

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Before accepting clients, you are required to sync a personal calendar to Grow Therapy. This connection helps ensure you remain aware of all your Grow Therapy appointments while preventing unwanted double bookings.

Key Points

  • You must connect a calendar before accepting client referrals.

  • Users of Apple Calendar must generate an app-specific password to connect their account with Grow Therapy.

  • Once connected, Grow Therapy can share your appointments with your Apple Calendar and check for conflicts between your Grow appointments and additional events added to your Apple Calendar elsewhere.

Before you begin

You must generate an app-specific password from your Apple account to sync an Apple calendar with Grow Therapy. Additionally, please use the iCloud email address you initially used to create an iCloud account. To generate an app-specific password and sync your Apple calendar:

  • Sign in to your Apple account.

  • In the "Sign-In and Security" section, select App-Specific Passwords.

  • Select Generate an app-specific password or select the Add button (+), then follow the steps on your screen.

  • Once you've generated your app-specific password for Grow Therapy, copy the password to your clipboard or write it down for use in a later step.

Sync your calendar

With your app-specific password copied or saved:

  • Navigate to your Provider Portal.

  • Select your name in the bottom left corner, and click Edit Profile.

  • Select the Synced Calendar option under the "Appointments" header.

  • Select the Apple Calendar option from the "Calendar Sync" dashboard.

  • Select the Continue to sync calendar option in the pop-up prompt.

  • On the next screen, select Continue with iCloud.

  • Enter your iCloud email and use the app-specific password you generated.

  • After signing in, you'll be routed back to your portal. Your Apple calendar is now syncing with Grow Therapy. Select any secondary calendars you wish Grow Therapy to read and select Save and Close. Grow events will not be written on these calendars but will be checked for conflicts.

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