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Filing your taxes with Grow Therapy

Learn what information is needed to receive your Grow Therapy 1099 for tax purposes.

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Grow Therapy is required to collect W-9 forms from all providers on our platform. This form provides each provider's legal name, address, and taxpayer identification number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN).

Grow Therapy uses the information received in the W-9 forms to populate the taxpayer identification needed to complete 1099 forms. These 1099 forms will be distributed to all providers paid $600 or more during the year.

Note: W-9 requests and 1099 filings are facilitated by our partner, Wingspan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Form Overview

  • What is a 1099-NEC tax form, and do I need to file one? - If you're a freelancer or contractor and you've made over $600 from a company this year, they'll send a 1099-NEC tax form to the IRS. You'll get a copy of this form for your taxes.

  • What are 1099 forms? - 1099 forms are used to report money you've made that isn't reported on a Form W-2. This could be from freelance work, side gigs, etc. These forms are sent to the IRS and sometimes to your state's tax department.

  • What is a Form W-9? - A W-9 form is used to collect tax identification information from non-employees in the U.S., such as freelancers or independent contractors. For 1099-NEC filing, the payer uses the W-9 to gather the recipient's name, address, and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). The form includes fields for the individual's or entity's name, Federal Tax Classification, and contact details. The W-9 is not sent to the IRS; it's for the payer's (Grow Therapy) records to complete the 1099-NEC form correctly. Wingspan helps collect this information digitally.

About Wingspan

  • What is Wingspan, and how can I use it? - Wingspan is an easy way to provide a secure W-9 form and to access your tax documents from Grow Therapy.

  • Is a Wingspan account required? - Yes. You must sign up for Wingspan and provide your W-9 information to receive an accurate 1099 from Grow Therapy. If you don't, payments may be withheld, and you may face penalties or legal liability.

Accessing Wingspan

  • How does Wingspan send me invitations? - Wingspan sends an invitation to the email address associated with your Grow Therapy account. If you have yet to get an email, request another invite email here.

  • Why haven't I gotten an invitation from Wingspan? - If you were expecting an invitation and didn't receive one, please check your spam or junk mail folder for an email from That said, there might be other reasons you didn't get an invitation, such as if you didn't make enough money to need a 1099-NEC form or your business type doesn't need to file one.

  • What if I have more than one account? - If you have more than one Grow Therapy account that needs a 1099 form, you'll get an invitation for each one. You'll need to create a Wingspan account for each one.

  • How do I log in to my account? - After your initial signup, you can log in at You'll need your email address and a 6-digit code that will be sent to your phone.

Required Information

  • Why does Wingspan need my Social Security Number? - If you don't have an EIN, Wingspan needs your Social Security Number to file your 1099 form with the IRS. Wingspan takes your privacy seriously and is SOC2 and PCI compliant. Read more on Wingspan's commitment to security here.

  • Do I need to give Wingspan my Social Security Number? - No. If you've given Wingspan an EIN and your business name, you don't need to provide your SSN.

Receiving Your 1099

  • Will I get a 1099 form? If you made less than $600 this year, you typically would not get a 1099 form. But you might still get one if your state requires a form for less than $600. You might not receive a 1099 for other reasons, such as:

    • Your entity is an excluded federal tax classification (S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.)

    • Your email address on file is incorrect, missing, or unable to receive email.

  • When will I get my 1099 form? - You'll get your 1099 form by January 31st, 2024. If you want to get your form online, Wingspan will send instructions to sign up in December 2023. You can request a mailed copy during signup if you don't want to get your form online. Ensure your name, address, and Taxpayer Identification Number are correct in Wingspan.

  • How will I know when my 1099 form is ready? - If you choose to get your form online, Wingspan will email you when it's ready by January 31st, 2024.

  • How will I get my 1099 form? - You can choose to get your 1099 form online through Wingspan. Alternatively, you can ask Wingspan to mail it to you.

  • What if I made over $600 but didn't get a 1099 form? - You may not receive a 1099 if:

    • Your entity is an excluded federal tax classification (S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.)

    • Your email address on file is incorrect, missing, or unable to receive email

    • Your payer (Grow Therapy) decided not to file a 1099 for you

  • How do I access my 1099 tax forms? - You can log in here to access your current and previous years' tax forms for as long as your payer has used Wingspan.

Information Updates or Errors

  • What if my information has changed? - You can update your information in Wingspan by following the instructions here.

  • What if there's a mistake on my 1099 form? - If you discover an error on your 1099 form, Wingspan can assist you in requesting a correction. To modify details like the amount, address, name, or Taxpayer Identification Number, follow the specific guidelines provided by Wingspan here.

  • What if I don't agree with the amount on my 1099 form? - If you disagree with the amount on your 1099 form, please do the following:

    • Review the payments included in your 1099 form by following this guide.

    • Submit a correction request in Wingspan. In the request comments, include specific payments that should be included or omitted from your 1099 amount. To submit the correction request, follow these steps here.

Note: Wingspan support cannot make corrections for you; only your payer (Grow Therapy) can do so. After submitting your request in Wingspan, your payer will be alerted and decide whether to approve the correction.

Additional support options

How can I get more help from Wingspan? - If you have more questions, check out these resources. If you still need help, you can email Wingspan at

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