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Learn how missing appointments can affect your practice as a provider.

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Grow's mission is to create a seamless and positive experience for our provider partners and the clients who depend on Grow to access care. Providers who frequently miss appointments without cause will be flagged, and receiving multiple flags can change your relationship with Grow. This process ensures that the quality of care and client experience within the Grow network remains high.

What is a no-show?

A no-show occurs when a provider does not attend a scheduled appointment.

How are no-shows counted?

A client can report a no-show after waiting for you to join a Grow telehealth session for at least 10 minutes. All providers are provided a 10-minute grace period. Alternatively, a client may contact Grow support directly to report the no-show.

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How am I notified of no-shows?

Providers receive an email after each reported no-show. The email provides information on the reported no-show and details on resolving the report due to reasons outside your reasonable control, such as an emergency or technical failure.

Please contact the Support Team if you believe the no-show report is incorrect or should be removed. The team will review your situation and, if you use Grow Telehealth for your virtual sessions, the appointment's session logs.

How do no-shows affect me?

Providers with more than two confirmed no-shows in 30 days will have their referrals paused and receive a notice via email and text (e.g., Referrals paused for 30 days). You will have 24 hours to contact the Clinical Excellence team and preemptively resolve the notice. If you do not contact the team, the referral pause will include the following:

  • The pause prevents providers from receiving additional Grow referrals for 30 days, so the Grow team can help you resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

  • The pause will not impact your ability to see existing clients and ensure care continuity. Additionally, you may schedule new self-sourced clients using the "New Client" booking link in your dashboard.

Grow can take these actions as part of the "Scheduling and Attendance" requirements outlined in your Practice Policy.

My referrals are paused. What should I do?

A referral pause is automatically removed after 30 days. During that time, you should review the material included in your initial notice. In particular, it is recommended that you fill out the included form so the Clinical Excellence Team can provide additional guidance and resources to help you avoid future no-shows and referral pauses.

If you believe a referral pause is an error because these appointments occurred or your no-shows should have been resolved due to extenuating circumstances, please respond to within 24 hours of receiving the pause notice. The team will review the relevant context and work with you to resolve or better understand the reasoning behind your referral pause.

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