Practice Policies and Informed Consent

Learn when and where your clients consent to your practice policies.

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Your intake forms and practice policies ensure that you have the information necessary to start providing services to a client and that the patient is fully aware of the conditions and expectations of receiving care.

When do clients see these policy documents?

Clients are provided with these policy documents when filling out their initial intake forms. This initial intake form appears to clients when they reach your appointment booking page via your scheduling link or the Grow Therapy marketplace.

What is included in the initial intake forms?

The appointment booking form has various sections for clients to fill out, including basic personal information, payment information, and various policy agreements.

Where are the practice policy consent options?

Clients provide consent by checking various boxes at the end of the booking form.

Client Agreements at Booking

What documents do clients agree and consent to?

The policies that appear here include a HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy, Informed Consent, Practice Policies, Terms of Service, and Website Privacy Policy. Grow Therapy's current policy documents and the purpose of each are available here.

Can I add additional policy documents?

You cannot upload or customize practice policy forms at this time. If you have additional policy documents you want your new clients to review, you can send them directly to the client before the session via email or the Messages feature.

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