Clearing Cookies & Cache

How to erase browser cookies and cache

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When you're experiencing difficulties with your browser processing information on certain sites, clearing your browser cookies and cache is a great place to start. While you use your internet browser, information is stored, which makes it easy for you to pick up where you left off. Cookies are files created to store information such as your shopping cart contents, while the cache contains data like website text and images, allowing this content to load more quickly in the future.

While these are fantastic features that allow your web browser to store your information and run faster, these can sometimes cause features to glitch. By erasing both, we hope to, more-or-less, refresh the browser's memory and start from scratch, without any glitches. Providers have seen this effectively troubleshoot issues that arise when the Grow platform has experienced recent updates. By clearing the cookies and cache, the browser will correctly load these new features. Below are the steps on how to clear both your browser cookies and cache.

Clearing Cookies & Cache

  1. Open your browser (*Tip* - Google Chrome works best with the Grow platform)

  2. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

  3. Select 'Setting'

  4. In the search bar type "cookies"

  5. Select 'Clear browsing data'

  6. For the 'time range' select 'of all time' if comfortable. Otherwise, start small and go up if the glitch continues.

  7. Click 'Clear Data'

From here, your cookies and cache will be cleared! We kindly ask that you log back into your dashboard at ''. If you continue to have any problems or have any further questions, please reach out to us using the chat feature in the lower right corner of your dashboard.

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