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We have recently updated our calendar features to provide a more streamlined view of all our your appointments! Please see our video below for a detailed walkthrough of all these new features or read about our highlighted features below.

To view your calendar, please first head over to your "Appointments" tab and select the calendar icon in the top right.

This view will show all of your appointments, as well as events from your synced calendar. You'll notice that these blocks are now color coded as well.

  • Yellow blocks indicate an initial session

  • Green blocks indicate your follow up sessions

  • Blue blocks indicate events listed on your synced calendar

  • Grey blocks indicate "busy" times where clients cannot book

To add an appointment to your calendar, you'll first want to click on the day/time where you would like this appointment. You'll then see the following box appear where you can customize this appointment.

From here, you can choose the duration of the session by adjusting the start and end times, as well as set the appointment to repeat until a certain number of sessions or indefinitely.

Next, you'll be able to select the client you are following up with and whether the appointment will be virtual or in-office.

In order to create a "busy" block to indicate you are not available, you'll want to again select the date/time you would like this block to occur. Next, you'll want to select the "Set Unavailability" option as indicated in the image below.

From here, you can set the duration of the "busy" block and have it repeated if needed.

Another new feature that we've added is the ability to edit a series of appointments. For any of your appointments, you can click on or drag them to edit the start time. You can also edit the duration as well. If this appointment is within a series, it will also prompt you to select if you would like these changes to be made for this appointment only or for the entire series before saving.

You can also use this new calendar view to submit invoices! Once an appointment has passed and no invoice has been submitted, you'll notice an "i" icon listed in the top right of the appointment. If you hover over this icon, you'll be prompted to create an invoice.

The last feature we would like to highlight is our "resolve conflicts" feature. If there are appointments that overlap in time, you'll notice the "resolve conflicts" button will appear near the top right corner, as well as a red bar highlighting the two appointments that are in conflict as shown by the two red arrows in the image below.

If you click on the "resolve conflicts" button, it will let you know which appointments are in conflict and for what times. This button will disappear once these appointments have been rescheduled and no longer overlap.

For a more detailed walkthrough and full list of new features, please see our video listed at the very top of this page! Please don't hesitate to reach out for any additional questions.

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