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Create an out-of-office event

Learn how to create an out-of-office event so you can step away with peace of mind.

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Everyone, including mental health care providers, needs time to unplug and recharge from work. However, uncertainty and stress often accompany stepping away from your practice and patients. The out-of-office scheduling option in your Grow Therapy calendar aims to provide peace of mind, knowing clients are informed of when you aren't available while you take care of your well-being.

Before you begin

โœ… What an OOO event is: An out-of-office event blocks off your calendar, prevents client bookings during the event, and automatically responds to clients who message you during your absence with a customizable out-of-office message.

โŒ What an OOO event isn't: An out-of-office event does not turn off your referrals, prevent clients from emailing or calling your practice, or automatically cancel other events on your behalf - you must resolve conflicts before creating the event.

Add an out-of-office event

To add an out-of-office event to your calendar:

  • Visit your calendar - both the calendar and list view work.

  • Select the + Add button in the top right.

  • Select the Unavailability option from the dropdown menu.

  • Fill out the details of your unavailability, including an optional title, the date, and whether the event repeats. Also, provide an out-of-office message shown to clients if they try contacting you via Messages during your absence.

  • When you've finalized the details, select the Submit button. A warning will appear if there are conflicts on your calendar, such as existing appointments. You should resolve these scheduling conflicts as soon as possible.

Great! The out-of-office event will appear on your calendar. Clients cannot book sessions during this time, and any clients who try contacting you via messaging will receive the provided out-of-office message.

Create an out-of-office event

Resolve out-of-office conflicts

While creating an out-of-office event, you will receive a warning if the event conflicts with other scheduled commitments, such as client appointments or consultations.

Resolve out-of-office conflicts

A 'Resolve conflicts' button will appear above your calendar if you submit the event. Click this button to review and select each conflict. The conflicting events should be rescheduled or canceled as soon as possible to ensure that your clients are provided ample notice and you can enjoy your time away from work.

Resolve conflicts via the calendar view
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