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Update client payment or insurance information
Update client payment or insurance information

Learn how to help clients update their payment and insurance information.

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Clients will occasionally contact you as their provider to update their payment or insurance information. However, the client must update this information in their Client Portal.

Recommended response

Hi {Patient Name},

Thank you for reaching out. To update your payment or insurance information, please:

  • Log into your client portal here.

  • Select the Account option from the sidebar.

  • Update the desired information under the Insurance options or Billing information tab and Save.

That's it! Your new information will be used moving forward. If you encounter issues accessing your account, please check out this guide. If you encounter any problems updating your payment or insurance information, please contact, and someone can assist you.


{Provider Name}

{Practice Name}

Additional resources

  • Clients can log in to their Client Portal here.

  • If your client wants more information on activating or using their Client Portal, please point them toward the following guide: Client Portal - Use Guide

  • If you or the client have any questions about updating billing or insurance preferences, please contact

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