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How to Invoice A Cash Pay Client
How to Invoice A Cash Pay Client

This article shows you how to adjust the cash-pay rate before you submit an invoice if you have a sliding scale for private-pay.

Updated over a week ago

If you have a client that would like to see you as a cash-pay client on a sliding scale, you can adjust the pricing before submitting the invoice.

First, go to the appointments tab in your dashboard. From there click on the "Unsubmitted" tab.

Next, Find the client and session that you would like to invoice for and select "Submit Invoice."

Fill in the appropriate information for session type and diagnosis. Under notes select "This is a cash-pay client." At the bottom where it says "Self-pay Visit Price" you should see the amount that you set for cash-pay when you signed up with Grow Therapy. You an adjust each client as needed in this section and hit submit when complete!

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